Close Range Fight Control

Welcome to Close Range Fight Control

I am very exciting to be working with you through this training package.  I have packed all of my years of accumulated experience, knowledge and expertise into bringing this to you.

The information, guidance and methods that I give you in Close Range Fight Control has worked with my students both in my gym and around the World.

Close Range Fight Control is designed specifically to enable you to master the complex and challenging world of infighting.

The Close Range Fight Control package is made up of 9 modules covering 60 video lessons and almost 5 hours of precise training advice, techniques and drills.

The full list of modules is:

·       Module 1 – About Close Range Fighting

·       Module 2 – Getting to Close Range

·       Module 3 – Hooks and Uppercuts

·       Module 4 – Defence and Attack

·       Module 5 – Footwork at Close Range

·       Module 6 – Creating Openings

·       Module 7 – Exiting Close Range

·       Module 8 – Tactics at Close Range

·       Module 9 – Killer Combinations

This amounts to 60 lessons and close to 5 hours of video training.

Module 1 – About Close Range Fighting

This module is really about setting the scene.

We establish what close range fighting/infighting actually is.  We achieve this be setting a definition of close range fighting and breaking down your boxing experience into a series of 5 ranges.

We also describe some of the objectives of close range fighting, the characteristics of great close range fighting and the whole ‘risk vs reward’ aspect of infighting.

Module 2 – Getting to Close Range

In this module I give you 5 methods of getting the fight to close range.  Whilst a fight is a very dynamic situation, you can and should still make your best efforts to control your environment.

The 5 methods of getting the fight to close range are:

·       Frontal Assault

·       Fix and Close

·       Low Range/Undercover

·       The Battering Ram

·       Draw Them In.

Module 3 – Hooks and Uppercuts

When punching at close range we use hooks and uppercuts.  In Module 3 we go through all of the hooks and uppercuts at close and mid-range, ensuring that the technical precision of each individual shot is there.

I will also cover for you the principle of the target, the flanks and the centreline.  This is an absolutely critical concept for successful close range fighting.

We examine the use of single hooks, double hooks, single uppercuts and double uppercuts.  Finally we also look at some simple combinations to get us started.

Module 3 is the ‘armoury’ section of the Close Range Fight Control course and it is a module to which you will continually refer.

Module 4 – Defence and Attack

Having covered the shots that we can use at close range it then makes sense to examine the capabilities around defending those same shots.

I show you the different methods of defending yourself against incoming hooks and uppercuts and importantly how to turn that defence into attack.

We look at blocks, wedge blocks, roll and fire and duck and fire.  I also describe for you a really smart technique that I call the Venus Fly Trap – incredibly helpful at close range.

Module 5 – Boxing Footwork at Close Range

As with all boxing techniques, excellence is based upon solid footwork.  This is about core capabilities; dynamic boxing, power maximisation and a solid base for defence.

In this module and after an in-depth introduction, we cover 4 key footwork techniques:

·       The Stance Width

·       The Pivot

·       The Stance Switch

·       The Angled Side Step.

Module 5 is packed full of amazing drills and insights, we really start to unpick excellence in close range fighting…and yes, I love this module!

Module 6 – Creating Openings

Module 6 is about proactivity.  A key element of my boxing philosophy is that you don’t wait to see what an opponent does.  You dominate.  You make things happen.  You initiate and control the exchanges.

Module 6 covers the concept of dynamic punching, prising open your opponent’s defence, the art of deception and feints, the attack switch and the range switch.

This module has a rich set of tactics and techniques to take your infighting to the next level.

Module 7 – Exiting Close Range

There is absolutely no point doing fantastic work at close range, dominating the exchange and potentially landing damaging shots on your opponent, only to be clobbered because you ‘disengage’ without the required consideration.

Boxers getting caught with silly, unnecessary shots ‘on the way out’ is a source of immense frustration to coaches like me.  So, that’s why I thought it very important to include a module on exiting close range safely.

In this module, the shortest of the course simply because this is not complicated, I will give you some fool-proof ways of getting you back to the edge of range/out of range after you’ve done your great work – the icing on the cake if you will.

Module 8 – Tactics at Close Range

Having gone through a whole range of techniques up until this point in Close Range Fight Control, it makes sense know to venture into the arena of tactical application.

I have attempted to encompass a range of tactics here, from the just plain clever to the just plain dirty - by popular demand I have included some ‘rough house’ tactics.

So in Module 8 we cover the following:

·       The Rules relating to close range fighting

·       Preventing The Set

·       Strength Deflection

·       Staying Off The Ropes

·       Use of the Lay Back

·       Rough House Tactics

·       Taking a Rest.

Module 9 – 12 Killer Combinations

In Module 9 I have included 12 combinations that I consider to be a starting point.  The 12 combinations are separated into 3 groups:

·       Combinations 1 to 4 – Getting to close range

·       Combinations 5 to 8 – Working at close range

·       Combinations 9 to 12 – Exiting close range

I think that these combinations give an excellent starting point to start bringing the techniques together.

Close Range Fight Control

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